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Supplementary Courses

In addition to the core Fellows seminar course, students must take two supplementary courses. These courses are intended to enhance students' knowledge of public policy and/or issues related to the subject matter of the concentration. At least one such course must be completed prior to the internship semester. Courses completed prior to beginning the program may be used to satisfy this requirement! Courses must be taken at the university (no high school AP/IB course credit), must be at least 3 credits, and must be taken for a grade.

Pre-Approved Supplementary Courses List

We have a list of over 400 pre-approved supplementary courses from across the university. Students may choose from this list or suggest additional courses for approval by emailing a course description to The courses below represent a sampling of supplementary courses offered across the university.

View the full list of Pre-Approved Supplementary Courses

Sample Courses:

  • AASP101 Public Policy and the Black Community
  • AAST200 Introduction to Asian American Studies
  • AGNR301 Sustainability
  • ANTH266 Changing Climate, Changing Cultures
  • ARAB101 Elementary Arabic I
  • BSCI103 The World of Biology
  • BSST330 Terrorism Studies
  • CCJS230 Criminal Law in Action
  • CHIN101 Intensive Elementary Chinese
  • COMM201 Introduction to Public Relations
  • ECON317 Global Economic Policies
  • ENCE215 Engineering for Sustainability
  • FMSC290 Family Economics
  • FREN101 Intensive Elementary French
  • GEOG110 The World Today: Global Perspectives
  • GERS203 Intensive Intermediate German
  • GVPT170 American Government
  • HLTH130 Introduction to Public and Community Health
  • INST201 Introduction to Information Science
  • ITAL103 Intensive Elementary Italian
  • JWST141 American Jewish Experience
  • MLAW100 Justice and the Law
  • PERS101 Elementary Persian I
  • PLCY101 Foundations of Public Policy
  • PORT103 Intensive Elementary Portugese
  • RUSS101 Intensive Elementary Russian I
  • SOCY200 Human Societies
  • SPAN103 Intensive Elementary Spanish
  • STAT400 Applied Probability and Statistics